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The laws of the universe are immutable.
If you understand the law, you can share happiness with everyone.
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My name is Takeshi Arima.

I have opened this homepage to share my "concept" with you.  

(There is no solicitation or cost involved, so please feel free to read it~(^^)/)


What is the concept?

The concept is "Human Wisdom Creation Road To Be Happy Together World".


In layman's terms,

From the moment we are born, every second of our lives is filled with a variety of experiences. 

The content of these experiences is different for every person, and no two people have exactly the same experiences. 

Therefore, every person is unique in the world. 

Will you join me in creating a flow of knowledge and wisdom gained through these experiences and experiences, which will be passed on from one person to another in order to build a world where all people can live happily together?" This is the first time we have had the opportunity to work together with the people of the world.


This may sound difficult and daunting, but in fact, it is very simple.

The content is based on my own experience, so you don't need to study anything, and you don't need to pay anything.


The important thing is to convey the message to those with whom you have a close connection, and to do so with the desire to make them happy.

It is not for your own benefit or to gain something, but to tell them "for free".

There is no need to spend money or time to communicate. 

It is fine to tell them when they come to you in your daily life.

Before you tell them, say in your heart, "May we be happy together" (Be Happy Together).


There are all kinds of people in the world, but all people are born with a blank slate, or zero base. 

From there, the experiences they have in this human society form their humanity and individuality.

And it is each and every one of us who make up this human society. 

Therefore, although there are deep or shallow connections, and many or few influences, the reality is that everyone influences everyone, and each person's "way of thinking and living" influences each person's "daily life and happiness".


For example, many of us currently live under "capitalism" as advocated by some. 

Capital, i.e., money, has the potential to expand the things we can experience in life, but on the other hand, if we pursue it too much, it can cause a halation in the relationships between people in various situations and circumstances,

In fact, 50% of the "wealth" of the earth is owned by 1% of the human population, creating an imbalance that has led to various conflicts in various parts of the world, and in daily social life, people are competing with each other.


Here, one important thing is the need for "confirmation.


All people want to be happy.

The question we need to ask is, "What is happiness?" What is happiness?


What is happiness? The answer to this question may vary from person to person, but it is a fact that each person's "way of thinking and living" influences each person's "daily life and happiness" as I mentioned earlier.

Therefore, it is necessary to have some "common" recognition.


In other words, a "definition" of "being happy".


As the wisdom of our ancestors,

Buddha defined it as follows.

"To be fulfilled without dissatisfaction.


I think of it this way.

To be fulfilled.


What do you think?


I think it is a vague expression, and the things and situations that people feel "fulfilled" or "satisfied" vary from person to person.


So, what does it mean to be "fulfilled"?

The reason why I define "being happy" as "being fulfilled" is because of the following image.

For example, in your daily life, you may have a cup of coffee or tea to savor during your break time,

I think it is easy to fill a cup with coffee.

But what if you were to fill a 25-meter pool with coffee?

It would be a very difficult task.


The situation of "being filled" depends on "what" and "how much" you want before being filled. It depends on what and how much you want before you are satisfied.

Even in the same environment, there are people who are satisfied and people who are dissatisfied, don't you think?


If "easy to fulfill" or "difficult to fulfill" depends on the "desired situation" set by oneself, then it is possible to change according to "one's own desired standard," regardless of the surrounding environment.


However, the reality is that people are greatly influenced by the circumstances around them.


However, if you lower the hurdle of your own "desired standard" a little and feel "fulfilled" more often, you can afford to "do something" for those around you that is more than enough to satisfy them.


It is a good thing that you are a little better at what you do than others, based on your own experience.

Since I was a new employee, I have often been asked to organize banquets, so I am a little good at making events such as banquets more lively.

Therefore, I plan events that make people around me happy, not for work, but for free.

I enjoy myself, I have made friends, and I feel fulfilled and satisfied.


Of course, there are times when I feel hardship in my work, but the fact is that the current social environment is an accumulation of the "way of thinking and living" of each and every human being, so it is hard to say "who is to blame" for this.


Conversely, if everyone could curb his or her own "desires and wishes" a little and use the leeway created by that to do what he or she is good at for the benefit of those around him or her, the social environment would change.

Since everyone has had different experiences since birth, everyone has something they are "a little good at" and something they are "a little bad at.


If everyone treats everyone else with consideration, someone who is good at what they are not good at can help someone else who is good at what they are not good at, and like a jigsaw puzzle, the convex and concave pieces overlap to form a beautiful picture.

In other words, a society in which all people live happily.


For this to happen, someone has to have a little courage to take action.

And then continue to do so.

Then, little by little, things will surely change.

And that is the only way to change things.


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